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This site is about the work of director and producer Michael Craig. Here you will find information about material by Copernicus Films and links to other related sites.

Copernicus Films is in the process of completing a series of 6 films about the Russian avant-garde, 5 of which are already complete and released on DVD(See above links)or on

The five films which have already been completed are on subjects such as the Soviet and Russian poet Mayakovsky, the artist and photographer Alexander Rodchenko, Meyerhold and Russian Avant-garde architecture as well as other figures of the Russian Avant-garde.

All films are out on DVD and can be purchased through this site. The series will eventually be made up of six films possibly more. All films have been shot on location in Moscow over a period of several years. Maykovsky was shown on Swedish TV in 2006, "Alexander Rodchenko and the Russian avant-garde" was shown on the ArtsWorld channel in the UK in 2003 and premiered at the Milan International Film Festival.

Copernicus Films operates out of Russia making documetary films and was created by Michael Craig.

Michael Craig lives and works on a permanent basis in Moscow.

NEW DVD Release

As part of the 125 year anniversary of David Burliuk

David Burliuk and the Japanese Avant-garde:

using archive footage and locations in Japan, this film is a chronicle of Burliuk's life and work during his 2 year visit to Japan after leaving Russia and before finally emigrating to America in 1922.


Kandinsky and the Russian House

Due for release in mid December:



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